How to Get Growth V in Hypixel Skyblock

Growth V

Growth V is a popular enchantment in Hypixel Skyblock that gives players a significant health boost. Despite being nerfed recently, it remains a powerful addition to your armor. This guide will teach you two methods to obtain the Growth V enchantment and improve your gameplay experience. Method 1: Using an Enchantment Table Method 2: Dark … Read more

How to Get Ice in Hypixel Skyblock

Ice Minion

Hypixel Skyblock doesn’t allow players to mine ice directly from the environment. However, you can still obtain ice by following these steps: Crafting the Taiga Biome Stick First, you need to craft the Taiga Biome Stick. To do this, you must mine a lot of spruce wood to unlock the spruce collection. The Taiga Biome … Read more

5 Best Minecraft Versions, Ranked

5 Best Minecraft Versions, Ranked

Minecraft is a widely popular game with numerous versions available, making it difficult to choose the best one for your needs. This article breaks down the top 5 Minecraft versions based on compatibility with Bukkit and Spigot, active player base, and plugin availability. No. 5 – Minecraft 1.14 Minecraft 1.14 is at the fifth spot … Read more

How to Make a Bubble Elevator in 5 Steps (Minecraft Bedrock Edition)

How to Make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft Bedrock

This page contains information on how to make a bubble elevator in Minecraft Bedrock. Finding a reliable means of transport in the game can be challenging because of the limited options. When players want to travel vertically, transportation becomes more difficult. For instance, when players want to go up, the options available for movement are … Read more

How to Turn On Experimental Gameplay in Minecraft PE / Bedrock

How to Turn On Experimental Gameplay in Minecraft PE

This YourGlobalGamer guide contains information on how to turn on experimental gameplay in Minecraft PE and Bedrock. Experimental gameplay is a feature that is exclusive to Bedrock Edition. However, in Minecraft Java Edition, experimental gameplay is available with separate data packs. When the feature is enabled, it allows players to test features that are unfinished … Read more