What Is the Best Armor in Hypixel Skyblock (Early/Mid/Late)

This article looks at the best armor in Hypixel Skyblock:

Early Game Armor Sets

Lapis Set
Lapis Set

Lapis Set: An iconic early game armor set, providing +120 defense and +60 health. Obtainable from the Auction House or Lapis Mines.

Rosetta Set: A cheaper alternative to Lapis Set, available for around 4-4.5k from Rosetta in the Hub. Offers +110 defense and health boosts due to pre-applied Growth enchantment.

Glacite Set: A significant upgrade, with +415 defense, +50 speed, +32 defense, and +40 mining speed. Obtainable from the Auction House or by grinding Ice Walkers in the Crystal Hollows. Cost: around 165k.

Rotten Set: Obtainable from dungeons with virtually no requirement. Full set provides +55 strength and +365 health. Cost: around 40-50k.

Mid Game Armor Sets

Necromancer Lord Set
Necromancer Lord Set

Necromancer Lord Set: Geared towards Mages, providing health, defense, and intelligence boosts. Pair with Wither or Shadow Goggles for increased effectiveness. Cost: around 20 million coins.

Shadow Assassin Armor: Offers +100 strength, +100 crit damage, +735 health, +330 defense, and +28 speed. Full set bonus increases strength for each kill in dungeons. Cost: around 23 million coins.

Werewolf Set: A budget option with decent damage output and defensive stats. Obtainable from dungeons.

Superior Dragon Armor: Once a meta set, still useful for mid-game players if used correctly.

End Game Armor Sets

Necron Armor
Necron Armor

Necron Armor: Best for high damage output, with +160 strength, +120 crit damage, +815 health, +450 defense, and +60 intelligence. Cost: 60-65 million coins for a basic set, 300-400 million coins for an upgraded set.

Storm Armor: Best for Mage damage, with +635 health, +45 ability damage, +1050 intelligence, and +290 defense when paired with Wither Goggles. Cost: around 40 million coins.

Frozen Blaze Set: Some consider it better than Necron, but ultimately a matter of personal preference.

Aurora Set: A significant upgrade from Storm Armor, with various tiers and upgrades available. Cost: dependent on the tier and upgrades.

Crimson Armor: Equivalent to Necron Armor, with various tiers and upgrades available. Cost: dependent on the tier and upgrades.

Remember, the choice of armor set depends on your in-game activities and personal preferences. Investing time and resources into the right armor will significantly enhance your experience.


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