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Absolutism is a key mechanic in Europa Universalis 4 that plays a significant role in the game, especially during the 18th century.

This mechanic can be complex, but understanding it can help players exploit its benefits. This guide will break down the concept of absolutism and provide tips on how to maximize it for better gameplay.

Historical Background of Absolutism

In history, absolutism refers to the rule of monarchs who claimed absolute power over their country, often justifying their authority as being chosen by God.

This concept translates well into Europa Universalis 4, where during the Age of Absolutism, monarchies have a higher absolutism cap than republics, as republics cannot claim divine rule.

What is The Max Absolutism

Max Absolutism
Max Absolutism

Absolutism has a base cap of 65, which can be modified by government type, reforms, and other factors. Certain actions and events can increase or decrease your absolutism cap.

For instance, strengthening executive powers in a republic grants +25 absolutism, while being a republic generally reduces it.

Court and Country Event

Court and Country Event
Court and Country Event

The Court and Country event, which can fire under specific conditions, may seem like a disaster at first, but it can be quite beneficial. By making the right decisions during this event, players can gain significant amounts of absolutism and come out stronger than before.

Absolutism Soft and Hard Caps

The highest possible value for absolutism that gives proportional benefits is 100 (soft cap). However, there is a hard cap at 180, beyond which no extra bonuses are granted. Having 100 absolutism grants +5% discipline, +40% administrative efficiency, and -50% foreign core-creation cost.

Core-creation Cost
Core-creation Cost

Benefits of Administrative Efficiency

Administrative efficiency directly reduces core-creation cost and overextension. With full absolutism, players can core provinces for 30% of the regular cost and reduce overextension significantly, allowing them to take more land in peace deals without going over 100% overextension.

Increasing Absolutism Quickly

To increase absolutism quickly, players can follow various strategies. One effective method involves accepting peasant rebels’ demands to increase autonomy in several provinces, then decreasing autonomy in those provinces to gain around 30 absolutism points. This process can be repeated if necessary.


Understanding and exploiting the absolutism mechanic in Europa Universalis 4 can greatly enhance a player’s experience. By following this guide and implementing the strategies provided, players can maximize absolutism and improve their gameplay.


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