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In this article, we will discuss the process of swapping religions in Europa Universalis IV (EUIV). Religion is a core game mechanic and a powerful tool if used correctly.

We will cover the two ways of changing religions, including converting from one religion to another and getting zealots to flip provinces to their own religion.

How to Convert Religion

To convert from one religion to another, you need to go to the Religion tab and click on the button to convert to your desired religion. You need to be not at war to do this, and it costs 100 prestige.

Religion tab
Religion tab

You can convert to either Protestant or Reformed from Catholicism, but you need to have the majority of the provinces with the new religion to convert back to Catholicism.

The other easy religion to convert to is Hussite, which Bohemia can choose to convert to or not.

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How to Change Religion With Rebels

The other method of changing religions is by getting zealots to flip provinces to their own religion. This process is more complex, as you need to let the zealots rise up, occupy a province, and forcefully convert it to their religion.

EU4 Religious Zealots
EU4 Religious Zealots

This causes unrest and a loss of income in your country. To make the process quicker, you can use the Emperor DLC to hit the button, which forces them to rise up with a larger stack instantly.

You need to let them siege out at least 50 percent of your country before you hit the accept demands button.

How to Change Pagan

You can convert to pagan religions like Tengri, but you need to go through the Animist religion first, as the game is hard-coded this way.

You can use events like the Congo event and seek events in India and Japan to convert to Christianity, Catholicism, or Sikhism. However, Sikhism is not the best religion in the game, so it’s not advisable to convert to it.

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In conclusion, understanding how to swap religions is essential to using religion as a powerful tool in EUIV.

You can convert to a new religion or get zealots to flip provinces to their own religion. However, converting to pagan religions requires going through the animist religion first, and there are events that can help you convert to other religions.


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