EU4: How to Increase Governing Capacity | Europa Universalis 4

EU4: How to Increase Governing Capacity

Welcome to this EU4 Governing Capacity Guide, where we will discuss the mechanics of governing capacity in EU4 and how to manage it efficiently. Governing capacity represents your country’s ability to administer its provinces without overextending its bureaucracy. Contents… Understanding Governing Capacity Governing capacity is represented by your province’s development. Each point of development costs … Read more

EU4 Institutions Guide: How to Spawn and Embrace Them

EU4 Institutions Guide: How to Spawn and Embrace Them

In Europa Universalis IV, institutions are a crucial part of gameplay. There are seven institutions in the game: …in this beginner’s guide, we will explore how institutions spawn and how to develop them. Spawning and Developing Institutions Spawning and developing institutions are two different things. Spawning an institution occurs when specific conditions are met. If … Read more

EU4: Aggressive Expansion Guide (Calculator) | Europa Universalis 4

aggressive expansion eu4

Aggressive expansion is an important concept in Europa Universalis IV that players need to understand to prevent forming a coalition and avoid being attacked. In this YourGlobalGamer guide, we will discuss what aggressive expansion is, how to get it, and ways to avoid, lower, and manage coalitions. Aggressive Expansion Calculator for EU4 Aggressive Expansion Calculator … Read more