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Europa Universalis 4 is a grand strategy game with a complex system of mechanics. One of the most intriguing features of the game is migration.

In this tutorial, we will discuss the basics of migration and explore some strategies to make the most of it.

Diplomatic Ideas

Native Diplomatic Ideas
Native Diplomatic Ideas

Before starting a migration, it is recommended to check the Native Diplomatic Ideas. A good idea would be to select Travoy, which reduces the migration cooldown by 25%. It is an essential step to take before migrating.



When migrating, the culture of the province you move to will determine your new culture. For instance, if you move to Dakota, your new culture will be Jana Papa. Therefore, it is important to check the culture map mode before migrating. Additionally, settling in a province with the same culture as yours would be beneficial.


It is essential to check the provinces before migrating. Some provinces have valuable resources, such as local trade power and strategic goods. It is also important to consider the base tax of the provinces, as it affects your income. As a migrating tribe, your income will be limited to the income of that one little province.


There are various tactics to consider when migrating. For instance, vassalizing smaller provinces could be useful. It is also possible to migrate back and forth to get new strategic goods. However, keep in mind that there is a penalty of tax modifying depletion of -50 when migrating.



It is not recommended to build any buildings before migrating as they will be destroyed when you move. The fortified house is an exception, and it is advisable to build it only if you plan to settle in a particular region and have some vassals.


It takes time to integrate migrating tribes. If a tribe vassal migrates while you are integrating them, the process will stop. However, you can micro-integrate them with enough bonuses. For instance, having diplomatic reputation builders will help you integrate them much faster.


Migration is an essential feature of Europa Universalis 4. It can be very useful if you plan your strategy well. Keep in mind the culture, provinces, tactics, and integration strategies before migrating. Remember to resend your merchant when you migrate, as you will lose another 10% of your trade. Good luck!


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