EU4: How to Vassalize a Nation

An important aspect of EU4 is vassalization; where a player can make another nation their subject state.

This guide will cover the three ways to create vassals, the benefits of having vassals, and how to annex them.

How to Create a Vassal

Release Vassal
Release Vassal

There are three ways to create a vassal:

  • Releasing a nation.
  • Forcing vassalization in a war.
  • Offering diplomatic vassalization.

Releasing a nation involves releasing a nation from a province and letting them take care of the religious conversion. Players can use this method to play as colonial powers or to create vassals with the same religion.

Vassal Benefits

Vassals can provide several benefits, including extra force limits, extra manpower, and additional gold. They also allow players to avoid aggressive expansion penalties and save administrative power by not having to core the province.

In addition, vassals can provide military support without depleting a player’s manpower pool.

How to Annex Vassals

Annex Vassals
Annex Vassals

Annexing a vassal involves incorporating them into the player’s empire. This can be done after 10 years of continuous vassalage, with the player having a 190 repeat relationship with them.

It’s important to note that the annexation process can take years and may lower diplomatic reputation.


Creating vassals can be a useful strategy for expanding a player’s empire while avoiding penalties.

Vassals can provide military support, extra force limits, manpower, and gold.

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When players are ready to annex their vassals, they must have a 190 repeat relationship with them and be prepared for the annexation process to take years.

By using vassalization effectively, players can build a strong and powerful empire in Europa Universalis 4.


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