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YourGlobalGamer was first developed by Matthew Flores, the current owner, who manages the website’s operations. YourGlobalGamer prides itself on being for gamers, as we see the website as community-driven. Your time is extremely valuable, and we plan to combine the time-effectiveness of forums with the appeal and trustworthiness of a blog.

Among Us
Among Us

Besides PC video games, we are not exclusive to computer gamers; you can find Mobile game guides here too!

We’re always looking to increase our reader’s experience, so if you have found a mistake with our website or want to get in touch, please get in touch with us here.


  • Matthew Flores

    Matthew Flores plays games for a living... what a life! He began with World of Warcraft when he was just a young man; nowadays, he has evolved to play every genre—grand strategies, RPGs, shooters, MMOs, and everything else! With this being his passion, he dreams of sharing his 1000s of hours of knowledge and expertise with others by creating YourGlobalGamer.