How to Increase Crit Chance Hypixel Skyblock

Welcome back to another guide on Hypixel Skyblock! Today, we’ll be discussing the easiest way to achieve 100% crit chance in Hypixel Skyblock.

This is important because having a high crit chance makes it much easier to defeat Enderman, zealots, obsidian defenders, and other enemies in the game.

Here are the best ways to increase crit chance in Hypixel Skyblock:

Utilize Ender Armor

Ender Armor
Ender Armor

The first step is to use Ender Armor. This armor doubles all stats while on the End Island, making it the ideal choice for increasing your crit chance. With a full set of godly Ender Armor, you’ll already have an additional 24% crit chance on top of your basic stats.

Boost Crit Chance with Combat Levels

Combat Levels
Combat Levels

Your combat level also contributes to your crit chance. Every combat level provides an additional 1% crit chance. For example, if you’re at combat level 17, you’ll have an extra 17% crit chance.

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Choose the Right Sword

Your choice of sword plays a crucial role in increasing your crit chance. Swords such as the Spicy Pigman Sword, Leaping Sword, or Aspect of Dragons can boost your crit chance. Make sure to apply the spicy enchantment to maximize your crit chance bonus.

Use Artifacts and Talismans

Artifacts and Talismans
Artifacts and Talismans

Equipping artifacts and talismans can significantly increase your crit chance. In this guide, we used three artifacts that provide a combined 12% additional crit chance. Upgrading your talismans to either unpleasant, zealous, or godly will also help boost your crit chance. Common talismans can be upgraded to unpleasant for an extra 1% crit chance each.

Use Critical 3 Potions

The last essential step is to use Critical 3 potions. These potions increase your crit chance by 20% and crit damage by 30%. They can be obtained from the gravel collection or purchased from the auction house. If you have a Potion Affinity Artifact, the duration of your consumed potions will be increased by 50%.

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With the Ender Armor equipped, artifacts, combat levels, and the right sword, your crit chance should be around 81%. Combine that with a Critical 3 potion, and you’ll reach 100% crit chance. This high crit chance will enable you to defeat various enemies in the game, including obsidian defenders, zealots, and more.

In conclusion, achieving 100% crit chance in Hypixel Skyblock is possible by using Ender Armor, leveling up your combat skills, choosing the right sword, and utilizing artifacts, talismans, and Critical 3 potions. This powerful crit chance will make your gaming experience more enjoyable and efficient.


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