Complete Bow Enchantment Guide | Hypixel Skyblock

Welcome to the ultimate bow enchantment guide for Hypixel Skyblock.

This Minecraft Guide will show you how to enchant your bow with the best enchantments at the lowest possible cost.

We will focus on the enchantments: Power 5, Snipe 3, Piercing 1, Aiming 5, Infinite Quiver 5, Cubism 5, Impaling 3, and Telekinesis 1. Dragon Hunter is optional, and we will discuss how to include it as well.

All Bow Enchantments

Here is a list of every bow enchants in Hypixel Skyblock:

  • Souleater
  • Chance
  • Cubism
  • Dragon Hunter
  • Dragon Tracer
  • Impaling
  • Infinite Quiver
  • Overlord
  • Piercing
  • Power
  • Snipe
  • Telekinesis
  • Vicious
  • Punch
  • Rend
  • Fatal Tempo
  • Inferno

Unlocking Collections for Enchantments

To craft the enchantment books, you need to unlock specific collections:

AimingFeather Tier 6
CubismPumpkin Tier 4
ImpalingPrismarine Shard Tier 1
Infinite QuiverString Tier 6
PiercingCactus Tier 6
PowerBone Tier 3
SnipeFeather Tier 8

…additionally, it is helpful to unlock Lapis Lazuli 5 to craft Grand Experience Bottles.

Gathering Materials for Enchantment Books

Here is a list of materials required to craft enchantment books:

ItemHow to Obtain
219 PaperCraft using Sugarcane bought at Bazaar
21 ArrowsBuy from Weaponsmith NPC
2 Redstone and 8 Iron IngotsBuy at Bazaar and craft 2 Compasses
64 PumpkinsBuy from Farm NPC or Bazaar
40 Prismarine ShardsBuy at Bazaar
2 BowsBuy at Weaponsmith NPC
10 CactusesBuy from Bazaar
80 BonesBuy from Bazaar or Adventurer NPC
4 FeathersBuy from Bazaar

Crafting Enchantment Books

Now, we will craft the enchantment books…

Enchantment BookMaterials Required
Two Aiming 4 books16 Paper, 2 Compasses, and 16 Arrows
Two Cubism 4 books64 Pumpkins and 16 Paper
Two Impaling 2 books40 Prismarine Shards and 12 Paper
Two Infinite Quiver 4 books16 Paper and 2 Bows
One Piercing 1 book3 Paper, 1 Arrow, and 10 Cactuses
Two Power 4 books16 Paper and 80 Bones
Two Snipe 2 books12 Paper, 4 Feathers, and 4 Arrows

Optional Dragon Hunter Enchantment

Dragon Hunter can be purchased in the End. It is expensive, costing 1 million coins for a level 1 book. If you plan on fighting dragons, we recommend getting Dragon Hunter 3 or 4.

Combining Enchantment Books

First, combine the duplicate books to increase their level:

StepEnchantment 1Enchantment 2Combined BooksEXP Required
1Power 4Power 4Power 56
2Aiming 4Aiming 4Aiming 56
3Cubism 4Cubism 4Cubism 512
4Impaling 2Impaling 2Impaling 36
5Infinite Quiver 4Infinite Quiver 4Infinite Quiver 524
6Snipe 2Snipe 2Snipe 33

At this point, you should have the main book with Aiming 5, Cubism 5, Infinite Quiver 5, Power 5, and Snipe 3, as well as another book with Impaling 3, Piercing 1, and optional Dragon Hunter.

Place the main book on the right side of the anvil and the other book on the left side. Combining these will cost 87 experience levels, whether or not Dragon Hunter is included.

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Congratulations! You now have an enchanted bow with the best enchants using the least amount of experience possible.


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