How to Get Clay (For Clay Minion) | Hypixel Skyblock

In this article, you will learn how to obtain a Clay Minion in Hypixel Skyblock. Clay Minions are excellent for early game money-making and are relatively easy to acquire.

Let’s dive into the steps required to get your own Clay Minion.

Step 1: Gather 100 Coins and Buy a Fishing Rod

Fishing Rod
Fishing Rod

Before you start, ensure you have at least 100 coins in your purse. Visit the Fishing Merchant and purchase a fishing rod with Magnet 1 on it.

Step 2: Enchant the Fishing Rod

Head to the Librarian and enchant the fishing rod with Lure 5, which requires 30 experience levels. This enchantment shortens the maximum time it takes to catch something by 25%.

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Step 3: Go to the Fishing Spot

Make your way to the fishing spot near the Colosseum. Look for the path that goes to the right of the Colosseum and follow it until you find a fishing deck.

Step 4: Fish for Clay


Jump into the water and swim to the Fisherman. Ignore his request for five pieces of clay, as you need them for your Clay Minion. Start fishing with your Lure 5 rod. This specific body of water has an increased chance of obtaining clay.

Step 5: Collect 50 Pieces of Clay

Once you have 50 pieces of clay, you’ll unlock the Clay Minion recipe. Note that 50 pieces are not enough to make the Clay Minion, but you’ll be able to obtain more clay in the next step.

Clay Minion
Clay Minion

Step 6: Trade Seeds for More Clay

Return to the hub and access your Skyblock menu. Go to Trades and find Clay, which requires seeds. Collect seeds from the farm area to trade for the remaining clay needed to create the Clay Minion.

Step 7: Craft the Clay Minion

Finally, use a wooden pickaxe and the clay you’ve collected to craft your Clay Minion. Place the wooden pickaxe in the center of your crafting table and surround it with clay, using 10 pieces per slot.

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Now you have your very own Clay Minion in Hypixel Skyblock! These minions are a great resource for early game money-making and worth the effort to obtain.


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