How to Get Piggy Bank | Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock

The Piggy Bank is a valuable item in Hypixel SkyBlock that helps players save coins upon death.

How to Get Piggy Bank
How to Get Piggy Bank

The Piggy Bank is unlocked at Raw Porkchop V (2.5K Raw Porkchop), it’s crafted with 40 Enchanted Raw Porkchop and 1 Chest. The Piggy Bank doesn’t function if there are fewer than 20K coins in the purse, and it displays “Piggy” when in the inventory but not in the Accessory Bag.

Cracked Piggy Bank

Cracked Piggy Bank
Cracked Piggy Bank

When a player dies, the Piggy Bank becomes a Cracked Piggy Bank, which only saves 75% of coins on death. The item’s name will no longer display “Piggy,” indicating its decreased functionality.

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Broken Piggy Bank

If a player dies while holding a Cracked Piggy Bank, it turns into a Broken Piggy Bank. This item loses all functionality for saving coins on death. However, it still provides benefits for Magical Power and Stats Tuning.

Repairing Damaged Piggy Banks

Damaged Piggy Banks can be fully restored with just 8 Enchanted Raw Porkchop. Players should ensure they repair their Piggy Banks to continue benefiting from their coin-saving capabilities.

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Booster Cookies and other similar items can prevent the Piggy Bank from breaking. Using these items alongside your Piggy Bank helps preserve its functionality, even if you experience a death in the game.


It’s important to note that only one Piggy Bank counts for Thaumaturgy. Players should keep this in mind when utilizing Piggy Banks in combination with other items for maximum benefits.


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