How to Get to Tech World in Pet Simulator X

Pet Simulator X, a popular Roblox game, allows players to collect, train, and battle pets against other players.

In this game, Tech World is the ultimate destination for the best pets and new areas to explore.

This article will guide you through unlocking Glacier in the spawn world, going through the cannon, exploring Tech World, and discovering the exciting

Unlocking Glacier in the Spawn World

Glacier World
Glacier World

To begin your journey in Pet Simulator X, you must first unlock the Glacier area in the spawn world. Players need to locate this area and repeatedly break the chest to receive Tech Coins.

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These coins can be saved up for access to Tech World. Additionally, exclusive pets and mythicals can be found in the Glacier area, making it a valuable location to unlock.

Going through the Cannon

Once you have accumulated enough Tech Coins, you can access Tech World through the cannon located in Glacier. The cannon usage fee depends on your progress within the game.

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Upon going through the cannon, you will arrive at the Tech Shop area, where you can purchase the game’s best pets using Tech Coins.

Exploring Tech World

Tech World offers a wealth of opportunities for players, including new pets, mythicals, and areas to explore. The Tech Shop stocks the best pets, purchasable with Tech Coins. The Dark Matter Machine, found within the Tech Shop, enables players to transform their pets into powerful Dark Matter pets. However, to do so, you must have Dark Tech and Tech World unlocked.

New Areas in Tech World

Giant Alien Chest
Giant Alien Chest

The most recent update to Pet Simulator X introduced several exciting areas in Tech World, such as the Alien Lab, Alien Forest, and the Giant Alien Chest. These areas contain new pets and mythicals for players to collect, but you must save up enough coins to unlock them. The more areas you unlock, the better pets you can collect.

Hacked Areas in Tech World

Pet Sim X: Hacked Portal
Pet Sim X: Hacked Portal

The Glitch Area and Hacked Portal are two challenging-to-unlock areas in Tech World, which contain some of the game’s best pets. To access these areas, you will need plenty of coins and patience. However, the pets found here are worth the effort, as they can significantly enhance your collection.

Becoming a Pro in Pet Simulator X

To master Pet Simulator X, you must explore all areas, collect all pets, and purchase the best ones. Tech World is the game’s premier area, containing the best pets. You will need to save up sufficient coins to unlock all areas within Tech World and acquire the most powerful pets.

As Pet Simulator X is continuously updated, players must remain active to stay ahead.

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Pet Simulator X is an engaging Roblox game that enables players to collect, train, and battle with pets. Tech World offers the game’s most potent pets and exciting new areas to explore.

To reach Tech World, players must unlock Glacier in the spawn world, collect enough Tech Coins to enter through the cannon, and explore all the new areas in Tech World. By staying active and engaged, players can keep up with the game’s updates and ultimately become a pro in Pet Simulator X.


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