How Do You Trade in Pet Simulator X?

This page contains information on how to trade in Pet Simulator X.

Pet Simulator X comprises a vast collection of adorable and cute pets that players can collect and trade with other players. The game is the third installment of the Pet Simulator Series. It entails players collecting coins and gems, which are used to unlock powerful pets.

Moreover, coins can be used to hatch pets from eggs as well as buy brand-new biomes. The more the player progresses in the game, the more new worlds will be unlocked, with some of the worlds introducing new features alongside game mechanics.


What Is Trading in Pet Simulator X?

Trading Plaza
Trading Plaza

Trading is where players exchange pets with each other in order to obtain more precious gems or pets. Players can trade with each other at the Trading Plaza, a designated area in the game where players can meet up and trade.

Before players start trading, they need to have valuable pets that they want to offer other players. The value of a pet is determined by its demand, level of enchantment, and how rare it is. Therefore, players can make their pets more valuable by leveling them up, adding enchantments, or evolving them.

Pet Sim X: Trade Offer
Pet Sim X: Trade Offer

How to Send a Trade Offer

For players to actually trade, they first need to send a trade offer. The first step of sending a trade offer is to launch the game, then join a server. Afterward, head to the Trading Plaza so that your trading requests are more likely to be accepted.

After going to the Trading Plaza, look for the two arrow buttons on the right side of the menu. Press it, and a menu will open up that will show everyone on your server you are available for trade.

Pet Sim X: Trade Button
Pet Sim X: Trade Button

It is also important to note that some players may have trading turned off or be in the middle of trading, making it impossible for you to trade with them.

You can now go ahead and choose who you want to trade with, and a trade request will be sent to them. Once the other players accept the trade request, the trading will officially begin.

Suppose the person you requested to trade with declines your request; you are still able to send more requests to other players on the servers. Keep in mind that trading is often done in the Trading Plaza, so it is there where you are most likely to get someone to trade with.

Tips and Tricks for Trading

After knowing how to trade, some tips and tricks may be helpful to enable you to be effective in trading, whether you want to get a particular pet or maximize your gains.

Do Not Server-Hop Too Frequently

When the player is looking for a particular trade, it is essential for them to hop from one server to another in search of the pet. However, they must spend more time on each server to ensure that they are not missing out on good trades due to frequent hopping from one server to the next.

It is advisable for players to spend at least ten to fifteen minutes on one server to search for good deals before moving out and joining another server.

Use Ropro or a Similar Extension to Join Servers

When players are playing the game with their friends, the Roblox client compels them to join their servers by default. In order to avoid this, you can use an extension such as RoPro to choose the server they would like to join.

By doing this, it makes it easier for players to hop from one server to another, as well as allows them to join more populated trade plazas.

Prioritize Small Wins

Usually, players are not guaranteed to make high profits on one trade. Therefore, they must make sure that they make a priority of the small profits instead of aiming to get an extremely farfetched trade. The small profits will add up when players trade consistently.

Moreover, it is vital to remember to never make a value loss. A demand loss has no problems, but a value loss should not be possible.

Use a Value List to Orient Your Trades

For players to know the value of their pets, it is advisable for them to use a value list. Despite the presence of many value lists on the internet, the best one is Cosmic Values.

However, the value lists are not entirely accurate and fixed, but they can be of help when players need an idea of the worth of their pets.

With these tips and tricks, players can now be confident that they are equipped with the necessary tools and information to enable them to conduct a trade successfully, therefore bringing in some good profits.


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