Alchemy Stars Tier List: Best Characters, Ranked

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Alchemy Stars is a free-to-play tactical game created by Tourdog Studios and was released across the world in 2021 for both Android and iOS devices. The game entails players embracing the role of teams of five characters who possess one of four abilities each. Players guide these characters throughout the world called Astra.

The game is also composed of various tier lists, namely 6-star, 5-star, 4-star, and 3-star characters. Through rerolling, players are able to obtain top-tier characters.

Characters Tier List

JeriahS to SS
Mu YuebaiS
LilicaS (Max)
Pollux (Max Out)SS
SiobhanSS (Max)
BethlehemS ~ SS (Max)
GabrielB ~ S (Max)
CarleenA ~ SS (Max)
FlorineS ~ SS
HedyS ~ SS
Barton(Deft Blades)S
RubyA ~ SS (Max)
Giles – FireS
Zhong XUA+
Vice(Keen Sight)A
RinneA ~ S
RaphaelB ~ S (Max)
WrathB (Thunder)


Alchemy Stars: Nina
Alchemy Stars: Nina

She is an Alchemy Stars S-tier player.

The parasol mode of the character is selecting one traversable tile and throwing it at the tile of choice. This deals heavy damage of 100 percent to the tiles along its path. When the tile lands, its casts the hen Equipment Skill and then changes to unarmed mode.

The unarmed mode is used to reclaim the parasol, hence dealing ten times the damage to tiles along its path, after which it switches to parasol mode.


Alchemy Stars: Hiiro
Alchemy Stars: Hiiro

The character is an SS tier rank. The active skill is to change any two of the selected tiles to green tiles, as well as inflicting damage of 240 percent to enemies.


Alchemy Stars: Charon
Alchemy Stars: Charon

Charon is an SS tier rank, and the primary skill is to call for a train that deals 300 percent damage to three columns and knocks down enemies. To increase the chances of generating red tiles, Charon can reset all tiles that are not red within the zone of attack.

Moreover, the passive skill possessed is the diagonal attacks which add 10 percent damage to regular attacks.


Alchemy Stars: Migrad
Alchemy Stars: Migrad

Migrad is an S tier rank. The active skill is teleportation to any location and dealing a whooping 300 percent damage toward enemies in one surrounding circle. When only one enemy is in the zone of attack, the damage becomes double. Moreover, the active skill damage is boosted by 20 percent, with the ability to remove the active skill cooldown when the target has been eliminated.


Alchemy Stars: Sinsa
Alchemy Stars: Sinsa

The active skill entails selecting one tile from 4 tiles in the shape of a cross,  with the capability of inflicting 180 percent damage.


Alchemy Stars: Irridon
Alchemy Stars: Irridon

Irridon is an SS tier character whose active skill is the ability to convert two selected grids to advanced yellow prism grids. The passive skill possessed is granting one gold marsh mark when going through a prism grid.


Alchemy Stars: Wrath
Alchemy Stars: Wrath

The B-tier character has an active skill of entering the overcharged state whereby the Wrath’s Chain Combo inflicts heavy damage to any enemy in its vicinity. The passive skill which the character has is the reservation of bullets. When damage is dealt by the combo, one bullet is consumed and significantly increases the damage by 30 percent.


Alchemy Stars: Eve
Alchemy Stars: Eve

Eve is an A-tier character, and she has the active skill of inflicting 50 percent damage to any enemies within three surrounding clusters. Additionally, the skills allow her to reselect an enemy after eliminating the nearest one.


Alchemy Stars: Michael
Alchemy Stars: Michael

He is an SS tier character with the active skill of releasing ashes to a chosen location, dealing damage of 350 percent and additional damage of 5 percent of their health to any enemies along the way. The character can also cast a Chain Combo once at a time.

His passive skill is to grant one stack of Silent Thunder Mark at the beginning of each round.


Alchemy Stars: Gabriel
Alchemy Stars: Gabriel

He is an S-tier character who can be maxed out for his full potential. His active skill is converting one chosen grid out of blue, red, and yellow to various attributes, increasing the likelihood of obtaining green grids.

His passive skill is that one enhanced grid will be generated from the five green grids.


Alchemy Stars: Raphael
Alchemy Stars: Raphael

He is an S-tier character who can be maxed out for full potential. His active skill entails recovering HP, equal to 240 percent of his ATK. He can also reset all non-blue grids on the whole screen, increasing the possibility of blue grids.

His passive ability is that any blue grid generated on the map can recover the entire team’s HP by 2 percent. The weaker the HP of the team, the more influential the healing is since it is able to recover up to 100 percent bonus.


Alchemy Stars: Sharona
Alchemy Stars: Sharona

Sharona is an S-tier character whose active skill is teleportation to a location of choice. Moreover, the player can deal damage of 320 percent to two circles and apply two stacks of Dragontooth marks.

His passive skill is applying six stacks of Dragontooth mark, with each stack increasing her active skill damage by five percent.


Alchemy Stars: Beryl
Alchemy Stars: Beryl

She is an S-tier character whose element is forest. Her active skill is dealing 300 percent damage to all opponents on the screen. The lesser the enemies, the greater the damage impacted.  


Alchemy Stars: Fleur
Alchemy Stars: Fleur

Fleur is an S-tier character whose element is water. The active skill is selecting a single enemy and dealing 240 percent damage when marked. The Chain Combos add additional damage to enemies. Suppose the active skill is ready to use in eh final round. The damage inflicted increased by 35 percent.


Alchemy Stars: Uriel
Alchemy Stars: Uriel

Uriel is an S-tier character whose active skill is resetting all grids, which increases the chances of obtaining red grids. The skill can also convert one enemy grid into a red grid.

The passive skill Uriel possesses is that at the beginning of each round, one stack of burn can be applied to enemies who occupy a red grid for a maximum of two rounds. With each stack of burn, Uriel deals damage of 2.5 percent.


Alchemy Stars: Carleen
Alchemy Stars: Carleen

Carleen is an S-tier character who has the active skill of resetting all grids. This significantly increases the chances of getting red grids. On the other hand, Carleen can also attack enemies and deal 100 percent damage to an enemy who is one grid behind the target.

The character is also to teleport to any destination of choice. Also, she can deal damage of 400 percent to a single column, knocking enemies back.


Alchemy Stars: Victoria
Alchemy Stars: Victoria

She is an A-tier character. Her active skill includes dealing 250 percent damage to any enemy who is within three surrounding circles. However, actual damage is dealt with when a single enemy is next to the character. Her passive skill is the ability to regenerate 5 percent HP per stack of bleed whenever she hits an enemy.


Alchemy Stars: Eicy
Alchemy Stars: Eicy

Eicy is an S-tier character, and her active skill is to convert the nearest five blue or green tiles to red. Her passive skill is for every two rounds; the chain combos deal extensive damage that is equal to 35 percent of her ATK.

5-Star Characters Tier List

The list of five-star characters is as follows:

  • Kya – Tier A ~ S
  • Liqing – Tier S
  • Brandy – S ~ SS Tier
  • Ciel – S Tier
  • Beretta – A Tier
  • Sadie – S
  • Casta – A Tier
  • Rainbow – B Tier
  • Fox – S Tier
  • VIOLET – B Tier
  • MONA – A Tier
  • Sanae – A Tier
  • Maggie – Fire – A ~ S Tier[Max out for full potential]
  • GENEVIEVE – Fire – B Tier
  • Taki – Fire – C Tier
  • Faust – Fire – S Tier
  • Barbara – Fire – B Tier
  • Rouge – Fire – A Tier
  • Istvan – Fire – B ~ S Tier[Max out for full potential]
  • Leona – Fire – A Tier
  • Momo & Anzu – A Tier(Fire)
  • Cordy – Fire – B Tier
  • Benny and Curo – Fire – A Tier
  • Regina – Fire – C Tier
  • Nemesis – Thunder – A ~ SS Tier[Max out for full potential]
  • Beverly – Thunder – S Tier
  • Roy – Thunder – S Tier
  • Pittman – Thunder – A Tier
  • Erica – Thunder – B Tier
  • Sorla Schwarz or Schwartz – Thunder – S Tier
  • Bonacie – Thunder – C Tier
  • Mia – Thunder – C Tier
  • Vivian – Thunder – B Tier
  • Keating – Thunder – C Tier
  • Dayna – Thunder – A Tier
  • Pact – Forest – S Tier
  • Sikare – Forest – A ~ SS Tier[Max out for full potential]
  • Areia – Forest – S Tier
  • May – Forest – S Tier
  • Lucoa – Forest – S Tier
  • Lola – Forest – A Tier
  • Naroxel – Forest – S Tier
  • Odi – Forest – S Tier
  • Louise – Forest – S Tier
  • Robyn – Forest – A Tier
  • Cuscuta – Forest – B Tier
  • Dawn – Forest – B Tier
  • Kleken – Water – S Tier
  • Barton – Water – A ~ S Tier[Max out for full potential]
  • Hydrad – Water – B ~ S Tier[Max out for full potential]
  • PhillyShy – Water – S Tier
  • KAYANO – C Tier- Water
  • Elma – Water – B Tier
  • Vice – Water – A+ Tier
  • Allura – Water – A Tier
  • Noah – Water – C Tier
  • Corax – Water – A Tier


He is a tier C character with active skills and is gaining 10 percent of his HP as a shield for each blue grid for a total of one round. When the player uses the active skill, it increases his defensive mechanism by 50 percent for one round.

When the shield disappears, his passive skill converts 30 percent of the remaining shield into HP. Therefore, this increases his defense by 50 percent If a shield is already existing.


Corax is an A-tier character with the active skill of teleporting to any location on the map and dealing damage to opponents in a rectangular shape between the starting and the finishing points. When the rectangle is small, the damage becomes higher, reaching up to 440 percent.

4-Star Characters

  • Fafnir – C Tier
  • Hachi & Gin – A Tier
  • Pasolo -Forest – A Tier
  • Brock – Fire – A Tier – Good for farming(Brock’s active Skill lets  you pull ALL foes on the combat board to your location. His damage is also good)
  • Chandra  – Fire – C Tier Good single target DMG Dealer
  • Joanie Boom – Fire – D Tier
  • Nails – Fire – A Tier – Decent, Situational(Inflicts a large amount of DMG when HP is low, Kuma and Pengy pair can improve this – thanks to the passive skill)
  • Patty & Patsy – Fire – B Tier Good DMG Dealer
  • Alice – Fire – B Tier
  • Pipe – B Tier
  • Chloe – Water – A Tier
  • Tweety – Water – C Tier
  • Jane – Water – C Tier
  • Kuma & Pengy – Water – B Tier
  • Michenny – Water – D Tier
  • Ms. Blanc – Water – A Good Tier one
  • Constantine – Water – C Tier
  • Rabbie – Thunder – B Tier
  • Kafka – Thunder – B Tier
  • Lilliam – Thunder – C Tier
  • Nadine – Thunder – A Tier
  • Ansia – Thunder – D Tier
  • Tessa – Thunder – S Tier – Good one
  • Jola – Forest – C Tier
  • Uriah – Forest – A Tier – Good healer
  • Wendy – Forest – A Tier
  • Lester – Forest – C Tier
  • Sylva – Forest – C Tier
  • Selucid – D Tier – Water

3-Star Character Tier List

  • Tiny One – Fire – A Tier
  • Pepi – Fire – A Tier Good One
  • Chainsaw Rick – Fire – D Tier
  • Sork & Beck – Fire – D Tier
  • Korgon – Water – D Tier
  • Seleucid – Water – B Tier
  • White Dwarf – Water – D Tier
  • Zoya – Water – B Tier
  • Amy – Thunder – B Tier
  • Angel – Thunder – D Tier
  • Eho – Thunder – C Tier
  • Unimet – Thunder – B Tier
  • Clover – Forest – C Tier
  • Dove – Forest – C Tier
  • Jomu – Forest – D Tier
  • Ophina – Forest – A Tier
  • Leah – Forest – D Tier


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