Every Cookie Run: Ovenbreak Character (Full List)

This YourGlobalGamer Guide contains information about Cookie Run: Ovenbreak characters.

When the game launched in 2016, it was able to amass a large player base because of its unique and exciting gameplay. However, the main reason for its colossal fanbase is because of its 170 characters, with each one of them having a unique look and personality.

The characters in the game are divided into four categories: standard cookies, rare cookies, epic cookies, and legendary cookies.


Common Cookies

No.Cookie NameRarity
3Strawberry CookieCommon
4Skater CookieCommon
Common Cookies List

One of the standard cookies is the GingerBrave cookie. He is one of the first cookie players to get. Moreover, his pet choco drop gives off a 10+ energy bonus. Another cookie is the GingerBright cookie. This character is able to create candy jellies when running. Also, her per cheese drop rewards players with more than five thousand points when collecting each pink bear jelly.

The Strawberry cookie is also one of the ordinary cookies. She has the ability to turn essential jellies into strawberry jellies. The last typical cookie is the Skater cookie. He is one of the fastest cookies in the game and is equipped with the lucky dice bros as the pets of luck.

Rare Cookies

No.Cookie NameRarity
1Zombie CookieRare
2Angel CookieRare
3Muscle CookieRare
4Pilot CookieRare
5Ninja CookieRare
6Soda CookieRare
7Rockstar CookieRare
8Devil CookieRare
9Cherry CookieRare
10Alchemist CookieRare
11Gumball CookieRare
12Pistachio CookieRare
13Vampire CookieRare
14Cheesecake CookieRare
15Knight CookieRare
16Princess CookieRare
17Cheerleader CookieRare
Rare Cookies List

One of the rarest cookies is the Zombie Cookie. He comes alive after being depleted of energy. Moreover, his pet, Brain Gum, rewards him with 45+ energy.

The Angel Cookie is also another rare cookie. She is equipped with a magnetic aura that pulls the jellies toward her. The magnetic aura combined with her pet, the Celestial Star, grants her 8000 points for all the jellies.

The Muscle Cookie is a buff character capable of throwing his kettlebell at obstacles along the way to obtain extra points.

Another rare cookie is the Pilot Cookie. When the character has collected sufficient fuel jellies, the pilot jellies hop into a plane with a magnet attached to it to attract jellies.

The Ninja Cookie is also a rare character equipped with extra jumps. It can also throw shurikens after finishing several jumps, usually about fifteen.

The Soda Cookie is a character who is able to call waves which he uses to surf on. He can only use the ability after getting the necessary number of points.

The following rare cookie is the Rockstar Cookie. When his meter gets filled up, the character can release a large wave of note jellies capable of destroying any obstacles along the way.

The Pistachio Cookie has the unique ability to recover her energy by using her Sacred Dash and smashing through obstacles with her rigid shield. On the flip side, her major disadvantage is that her energy drains rapidly compared to the rest of the characters.

The Devil Cookie also uniquely can turn into an all-consuming Super Devil when he consumes several spirit jellies.

The Cherry Cookie is also one of the rare cookies. She is able to fire cherry bombs to demolish any obstacles along the way, thanks to her pet Rocket Firecracker.

The Gumball Cookie can destroy any obstacle by shooting gumballs through his giant cannon.

The Cheesecake Cookie is able to generate coins after obtaining 12 invitation jellies. The character is also used for farming coins because of her ability to generate the coins.

The Knight Cookie can move forward at an incredible speed and more time when he has enough adequate blast jellies in his pocket.

The Princess Cookie can make pink heart jellies which are worth about 30,000 each.

The last rare cookie is the Cheerleader Cookie. This character hops along with her cheer squad, who helps her break obstacles and convert them into points.

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Epic Cookies

No.Cookie NameRarity
1Space DoughnutEpic
2Hero CookieEpic
3Skating Queen CookieEpic
4Yoga CookieEpic
5Kumiho CookieEpic
6Pirate CookieEpic
7Popcorn CookieEpic
8Werewolf CookieEpic
9Snow Sugar CookieEpic
10Wizard CookieEpic
11Tiger Lily CookieEpic
12Dark Choco CookieEpic
13Fairy CookieEpic
14Cocoa CookieEpic
15Pancake CookieEpic
16Kiwi CookieEpic
17Herb CookieEpic
18Cream Puff CookieEpic
19Peppermint CookieEpic
20Dr. Wasabi CookieEpic
21Mustard CookieEpic
22Orange CookieEpic
23Moon Rabbit CookieEpic
24Grapefruit CookieEpic
25Chili Pepper CookieEpic
26Red Pepper CookieEpic
27Heart CookieEpic
28Cherry Blossom CookieEpic
29Whipped Cream CookieEpic
30Adventurer CookieEpic
31Lemon CookieEpic
32Salt CookieEpic
33Lime CookieEpic
34Squid Ink CookieEpic
35Pomegranate CookieEpic
36DJ CookieEpic
37Rose CookieEpic
38Blueberry Pie CookieEpic
39Raspberry Mousse CookieEpic
40Chess Choco CookieEpic
41Earl Grey CookieEpic
42Red Bean CookieEpic
43Ice Candy CookieEpic
44Pink Choco CookieEpic
45Avocado CookieEpic
46Cherry Ball CookieEpic
47Tiramisu CookieEpic
48Crowberry CookieEpic
49Rambutan CookieEpic
50Pizza CookieEpic
51Dr. Bones CookieEpic
52Snake Fruit CookieEpic
53Peperoncino CookieEpic
54Butterbear CookieEpic
55Coffee Candy CookieEpic
56Habanero CookieEpic
57Pastel Meringue CookieEpic
58Currant Cream CookieEpic
59Centipede CookieEpic
60Peppercorn CookieEpic
61Lilybell CookieEpic
62Poison Mushroom CookieEpic
63Blue Lily CookieEpic
64Lollipop CookieEpic
65Chocolate Bonbon CookieEpic
66Amber Sugar CookieEpic
67Sugar Glass CookieEpic
68Eggnog CookieEpic
69Candlelight CookieEpic
70Sorbet Shark CookieEpic
71Lobster CookieEpic
72Mocha Ray CookieEpic
73Truffle CookieEpic
74Onion CookieEpic
75Melon Bun CookieEpic
76Goblin CookieEpic
77Croissant CookieEpic
78Bellflower CookieEpic
79Ginseng CookieEpic
80Hydrangea CookieEpic
81Sour Belt CookieEpic
82Black Garlic CookieEpic
83White Ghost CookieEpic
84Vagabond CookieEpic
85Rebel CookieEpic
86Butter Pretzel CookieEpic
87Almond CookieEpic
88Lilac CookieEpic
89Scorpion CookieEpic
90Bell Pepper CookieEpic
91Aloe CookieEpic
92Choco Ball CookieEpic
93Cauliflower CookieEpic
94Snake Fruit CookieEpic
95Black Garlic CookieEpic
96White Ghost CookieEpic
97Vagabond CookieEpic
98Rebel CookieEpic
99Lilybell CookieEpic
100Poison Mushroom CookieEpic
101Blue Lily CookieEpic
102Lollipop CookieEpic
103Butterbear CookieEpic
104Coffee Candy CookieEpic
105Habanero CookieEpic
Epic Cookies list

One of the epic cookies is the Space Doughnout. This character converts obstacles into various colors of doughnut jellies using his doughnut beam.

Another epic cookie is the Coffee Candy Cookie. This character often works extra hard to be the best by using her printer to make time documents, enabling her to gain extra points.

The Butterbear Cookie was released together with the Lollipop Cookie, and his talent is creating teddy bears for other cookies.

The Blue Lily Cookie is unique due to her ability to go through the forest and eliminate moles to obtain crop jellies.

The Poison Mushroom cookie has the ability to throw a mushroom party in order to generate spore jellies.

The Rebel Cookie can jump up to four times and throw copies of his body to break obstacles in front of him.

Another rebel cookie is the White Ghost Cookie, who has the special ability to turn into a ghost so that he can scare students to release fear jellies.

The Black Garlic Cookie obtains points by taking photographs of ghosts.

Another cookie is the Snake Fruit Cookie. He has the power to summon snake soldiers to destroy the obstacles in front of him.

Another epic cookie is the Peperoncino Cookie, armed with a Greatpepper blade that he uses to hit the ground for extra points.

A unique cookie is the Choco Ball Cookie. He enters the football fields; his exceptional talent is to ump and dribble the ball.

The Butter Pretzel Cookie is a character who is famous for her artistry skills. She crafts her masterpieces using various types of paints, enabling her to collect her Masterpiece coins.

Legendary Cookies

No.Cookie NameRarity
1Moonlight CookieLegendary
2Wind Archer CookieLegendary
3Sea Fairy CookieLegendary
4Fire Spirit CookieLegendary
5Dark Enchantress CookieLegendary
6Millennial Tree CookieLegendary
7Pitaya Dragon CookieLegendary
8Ananas Dragon CookieLegendary
9Timekeeper CookieLegendary
10Lotus Dragon CookieLegendary
11Lychee Dragon CookieLegendary
12Longan Dragon CookieLegendary
Legendary Cookie List

One of the most famous legendary cookies is the Logan Dragon Cookie. It is comprised of four dragon eyes, which are capable of shooting energy beams and can also summon the fearsome Ivory Dragon for additional points.

The Moonlight Cookie is also a unique cookie because of its ability to create star powder jellies to get extra points when asleep.

The Wind Archer has the remarkable ability to eliminate fallen spirits using his arrow for wind spirit jellies.


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