Outriders: Fastest Way to Level 70 (OP Method)

Are you looking to level up quickly in Outriders and reach Level 70? This official YourGlobalGamer guide will help you achieve that goal with the most efficient farming methods for solo and team players. Be prepared to invest some time, but the rewards will be worth it!

Expeditions (Solo Players or Low-Level Players)

Starting with Expeditions

Event Farming
Event Farming

Expeditions are a great way to begin leveling up, especially for solo players. They may not be as rewarding as other methods, but they are guaranteed to help you progress. Complete expeditions at various Apocalypse Tiers, and you’ll eventually find them becoming easier.

Proving Grounds, Catacombs, and Temple of Anomaly

For those who prefer not to do expeditions, you can try farming the first few rooms in Tarot Guitar, which include Proving Grounds, Catacombs, and Temple of Anomaly. These areas are not as rewarding as later rooms, but they are easier to complete and can be repeated multiple times. Complete each area and restart the event before the timer runs out, allowing you to maximize your farming efficiency.

Tarot Guitar (Team Players or High-Level Players)

Father’s Sanctum

Father's Sanctum in Tarot Guitar
Father’s Sanctum in Tarot Guitar

Once you’ve gained confidence in your build or if you’re playing as part of a team, the Father’s Sanctum in Tarot Guitar is the best way to gain XP quickly. This boss fight can be challenging, so be prepared for a tough battle. Defeat the boss, restart the event, and repeat for maximum rewards.

Boss Fights on the Map

As you progress through Tarot Guitar, you’ll encounter boss fights marked by skulls on the map. These fights offer substantial XP, so focus on them for efficient leveling. Rinse and repeat each boss fight three times before moving on to the next one.

Maximizing Your Leveling and Loot


To maximize your XP and loot gains, follow these steps:

  1. Begin with Expeditions or the early areas of Tarot Guitar.
  2. Move on to Father’s Sanctum once you’re confident in your build or playing with a team.
  3. Focus on boss fights marked by skulls on the map.
  4. Rinse and repeat each area or boss fight three times before moving on to the next one.

Remember, the process may be tedious, but it is the fastest way to farm and level up in Outriders.

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By following these steps, you’ll level up quickly in Outriders and obtain powerful gear along the way. Don’t forget to manage your loot and build your character using the Apocalypse gear, which features three mods on each slot. Good luck, and happy leveling!


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