Fastest Way to Unlock Hardcore Mode in Pet Simulator X

In this article, we’ll discuss how to unlock the hardcore mode in Roblox Pet Simulator X, which allows you to start from scratch with overpowered pets.

How to Unlock the Void

How To Unlock *THE VOID* In Roblox Pet Simulator X!

The first step to unlocking Hardcore Mode is to ensure that you have unlocked the Void. If you haven’t done this already, make sure you do so before proceeding. Watch the video above to learn how to unlock The Void.

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Some players may be able to instantly access Hardcore Mode, while others may need to complete additional steps.

The Void
The Void

Mastery Points

To enter Hardcore Mode, you need to have a specific number of Mastery Points. Players must have 25% of their Mastery unlocked, which equals to 346 or 347 Mastery Points.

In case you don’t have enough Mastery Points, follow the steps below to quickly acquire the necessary points.

Pet Sim X: Mastery Point
Pet Sim X: Mastery Point

How to Gain Mastery Points FAST

To gain Mastery Points quickly, you should first analyze your Mastery levels and identify the lowest ones. This is because the lowest-level categories require the least amount of XP to level up, allowing you to gain Mastery Points faster.

Avoid focusing on the Dark Matter Mastery or Gold Converting ones, as they can take a longer time to level up. Instead, concentrate on Vaults, Safes, and Diamond Piles or other collectible items, as these categories level up more quickly and efficiently.

How to Get Into Hardcore Mode

Once you have achieved at least 25% Mastery (346 or 347 points), head to the Void and attempt to enter Hardcore Mode. In this mode, you will start from scratch, but the pets you acquire are significantly more powerful than those in the regular game.

If you’re unable to enter Hardcore Mode after reaching the required Mastery Points, continue grinding for additional Mastery Points to ensure you have surpassed the 25% threshold.


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