How to Change Your Face at a Plastic Surgeon | Fallout 4

Fallout 4 offers various merchants to help you build and grow your settlements. In this article, we’ll be focusing on locating and recruiting Doc Anderson, a Level 4 Clinic Specialist, which will allow players to get plastic surgery or facial reconstruction.

Keep in mind that some Level 4 merchants are bugged, and results may vary.


Recruiting Doc Anderson

Doc Anderson is a Level 4 Clinic Specialist who can be assigned to a Level 3 Surgery Center, turning it into a Level 4 Surgery Center.

To recruit her, you’ll need to trigger a random encounter at a specific location, which we will explain below…

Surgery Center
Surgery Center

Finding Doc Anderson’s Random Encounter Location

The random encounter location for Doc Anderson is the Mass Fusion Containment Shed. This is where you’ll find her, but be prepared for multiple attempts as her appearance is random.

Mass Fusion Containment Shed
Mass Fusion Containment Shed

…save your game away from the location, then fast travel back and forth to reset the encounter.

Triggering the Random Encounter

When you fast travel to the Mass Fusion Containment Shed, turn right to find a door. You’ll also see a campfire, which will trigger a random event each time you visit.

Campfire Location
Campfire Location

This event can vary from hostile creatures to NPCs, including Level 4 merchants like Doc Anderson.

Attempting to Recruit Doc Anderson

Doc Anderson
Doc Anderson

Once you’ve found Doc Anderson, you may encounter some bugs, such as the inability to recruit her. If you can’t recruit her, try trading or talking to her. A future patch may fix these issues. For now, you can still find her location and attempt to recruit her using the steps outlined above.

Possible Workarounds for PC Users

PC users have the option of using console commands to try and work around these bugs. By using commands such as “disable” and “enable” you may be able to manipulate the random encounter and recruit Doc Anderson.

Note: that this method does not guarantee success and is not available for console users.

In conclusion, locating and recruiting Doc Anderson, the Level 4 Clinic Specialist, can be a bit challenging due to the bugs present in the game. However, by following the steps provided, you can still find her location and attempt to recruit her for your settlement.


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