How to Beat France in Battle Cats

This tutorial will walk you through the process of how to beat France in Battle Cats, step by step, ensuring you have the right cats and strategy to emerge victorious.


Required Cats and Upgrades

Tank Cat
Tank Cat

To start, you’ll need to have at least a Macho Cat or a Tank Cat. For the Macho Cat, you’ll need it to be at least level two, while the Tank Cat can be level one. Your Worker Cat Efficiency should be at level seven or higher, and your Cat Wallet should be around level seven, eight, or nine.

Setting Up Your Team

Before starting the battle, make sure you have the correct cats equipped. In this tutorial, the player accidentally forgot to equip the Bath Cat. Although you don’t need the Bath Cat to win, it can be helpful to have it in your lineup.

Strategy: Spamming Cats

Battle Cats
Battle Cats

Once you start the battle, the main strategy is to spam your cats. This means continuously sending them out to overwhelm the enemy. This tactic will ensure you have enough cats on the battlefield to hold your ground and eventually push through to defeat the opposing base.

Boss Battle

As you progress, the boss will eventually appear. When this happens, continue to send out your cats to take on the enemy forces. With a strong enough lineup, you’ll be able to handle the boss and any additional enemies that spawn.

France Boss
France Boss

Victory and Moving Forward

After successfully defeating the boss and winning the battle, you can proceed to the next level. If you need additional help, don’t hesitate to seek advice or tutorials for other levels you may be stuck on.

Keep grinding to progress through the game and unlock new cats and abilities to make your team even stronger.

This tutorial should have provided you with the necessary information to beat France in Battle Cats. Remember, having the right cats and employing a strong spamming strategy will help you achieve victory.


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