How to Easily Hack Terminals | Fallout 4

Terminal hacking is an essential skill in the Fallout 4 universe, and it’s very similar to hacking in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.

To help you navigate this process, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide:

Understanding the Likeness System

When you try to hack a terminal, you’ll need to select a potential password. If it’s incorrect, you’ll see a “likeness” value displayed.

Terminal Hacking: Likeness
Terminal Hacking: Likeness

The likeness represents how many letters in the attempted password match the actual password’s letters in their positions. For instance, if the likeness equals 1, one letter in your chosen word is in the correct position.

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Identifying the Correct Password

To find the right password, compare the letters of your chosen word with the other words on the list. Disregard words with zero likeness to your first choice. Keep trying words with higher likeness until you find the correct password. Remember, the terminal word changes every time, so stay alert.

Utilizing Special Modifiers

Special Modifier
Special Modifier

In Fallout 4, you’ll find special modifiers that look like a series of symbols and characters surrounded by parentheses, brackets, or pointed brackets. Clicking these modifiers can remove a dud or replenish your allowance, making it easier to hack the terminal. Keep an eye out for these helpful tools.

Resetting Your Tries

If you find a modifier that says “Tries Reset” or “Allowance Replenish,” it means you now have four tries again. This practically ensures that you can’t fail, as long as you use your tries wisely.

Comparing Similar Words

When you find a word with a likeness of 2 or higher, compare it to other words with the same likeness. Look for patterns and shared letter positions. By narrowing down your options, you increase your chances of selecting the correct password.

Hacking Success

Hacked Terminal
Hacked Terminal

By following this guide and understanding the likeness system, you’ll be well on your way to hacking terminals in Fallout 4. Be patient, and remember to use special modifiers and reset your tries when necessary.


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