What Job Pays the Most in Bloxburg

In Bloxburg, there are a total of 12 jobs available. Many players believe that pizza delivery is the top-earning job, but some claim otherwise.

To find out the actual best job, an experiment was conducted where ten people worked until level 50 in all 12 jobs.

Comparing Jobs at Level 50

Credit to DaPandaGirl on YouTube
Credit to DaPandaGirl on YouTube

Once everyone reached level 50, they worked for an hour, and the results were compared. The jobs were ranked based on earnings per customer, earnings after 30 minutes, and earnings after an hour.

Surprisingly, pizza delivery consistently ranked as the top-earning job, making $104,000 in 30 minutes and $181,000 in an hour.

Each of the 12 jobs in Bloxburg, ranked from highest to lowest paying:

  1. Pizza Delivery – Pros: Constant driving speed, semi-distracted work allowed. Cons: Some orders far away, slow moped, longer leveling up.
  2. BFF Supermarket Cashier – Pros: Semi-distracted work allowed. Cons: Constant restocking, moods affected by walking.
  3. Lumberjack Wood Cutter – Pros: Some may enjoy it. Cons: Lots of walking, time-consuming tree cutting.
  4. Fisherman – Pros: Standing in one place. Cons: Need to pay attention to the bobber.
  5. Mike’s Motors Mechanics – Pros: Entertaining, varied tasks. Cons: Walking for items, learning curve.
  6. Janitor – Pros: Low attention required. Cons: Constant walking affects moods.
  7. Ben’s Ice Cream Seller – Pros: Enjoyable, easier with shift lock. Cons: Constant short-distance walking.
  8. Styles Hairdresser – Pros: Standing still. Cons: Requires attention to customer requests.
  9. BFF Supermarket Stalker – Pros: None found. Cons: Lots of walking, mood depletion.
  10. Bloxy Burgers Cashier – Pros: Standing still, work at two stations. Cons: Requires attention to menu.
  11. Cave Miner – Pros: Earnings vary with ore type. Cons: Risk of death from TNT, resets.
  12. Pizza Baker – Pros: Some may find it enjoyable. Cons: Frequent restocking, mood depletion.


Based on the experiment, pizza delivery is the best job in Bloxburg at level 50 due to its high earning potential.

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While some jobs may be more enjoyable or have specific pros and cons, if the goal is to maximize earnings, pizza delivery is the top choice.


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