How to Level up Gardening FAST in Bloxburg

This article explains how to level up gardening in Bloxburg:

Choosing the Right Planter

To level up fast in gardening, you need to start with the right planter. Large ordinary planters are recommended, but any planter will work as long as it says “planter.” Get as many planters as you want to help level up faster.

Curved Planters
Curved Planters

Watering Your Plants

Make sure to water your plants so they don’t wither and die. You can use the watering tools available in Block Box to ensure your plants stay healthy. These tools will also help speed up the growth process, making it easier for you to level up.

Choosing What to Plant


The type of plant players chooses will determine (1) how long it takes to grow and (2) how many points you get for harvesting.

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Firstly. Sunflowers and bushes are recommended for those who don’t want to spend too much money but still want to gain a lot of points. Orange trees are another option if you’re at a higher level.

Waiting for Plants to Grow

Waiting for your plants to grow can be boring, but there are ways to keep your avatar active while you wait.

Use the “Becky Dance” emote to keep your avatar moving, preventing you from getting kicked out of the game for being idle.

Alternatively, you can work on other activities in Bloxburg, like building a house or working a job, as long as you stay within the plot where your plants are growing.

Harvesting and Gaining Points

When your plants are fully grown, you’ll gain points for harvesting them. To level up faster, plant a lot of plants at once, as each harvest will give you a small number of points. For players at level 3 to 5, it’s recommended to plant bushes, while those at level 7 and up should plant orange trees.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to level up fast in gardening in Bloxburg 2022. Remember to stay active while waiting for your plants to grow, and choose the right plants for your level to gain the most points possible.


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