How to Make Money in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

This page contains information on how to make money in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Throughout the game, players can obtain money in many ways, with one of the most common methods being battling trainers. The trainers begin the game with about 4000 Pokemon dollars. Despite the insufficient amount, it is enough for players to buy items in the game’s early stages.

Along the game, players can spend their in-game money for various functions such as healing items, Poke balls, revives, and outfits. Therefore, players need to begin farming for money as early as possible.

Additionally, different NPCs in the game rewards players with different amounts of money when you defeat them. Trainer classes such as the Youngsters offer less monetary incentives than Ace Trainers.

Also, the game has incorporated some items which, when obtained b a lead Pokemon, can increase the amount of money earned. Therefore, the surest way of farming and obtaining money is to know what to acquire and equip as well as know who to fight.


Method 1: VS. Seeker, Amulet Coin, and Luck Incense

VS. Seeker

VS. Seeker
VS. Seeker

The first essential item that players will obtain is the VS. Seeker. The device allows players to challenge trainers to a match or a rematch. Obtaining the VS. Seeker is achieved after players defeat Gardenia, making them run into Dawn on Route 207, where they will be given the VS. Seeker and Dowsing Machine.

The device recharges after 100 steps, and they can recharge it for as long as they want, allowing them to battle the Trainer endless times to obtain more money.

Amulet Coin

Amulet Coin
Amulet Coin

The Amulet coin is another item held by a Pokemon, and it is able to double the amount of money earned after battle. It is found in Amity Square in Hearthome City. To locate the item, head to the right side of Amity Square towards the old ruins. Walk into the one on the left and inspect it until Lucas or Dawn picks up the Amulet coin.

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Once you obtain the coin, give it to the leading Pokemon before the commencement of a battle.

Luck Incense

Luck Incense
Luck Incense

The other item that makes money is the Luck Incense. To obtain it, players are required to have HM Rock Smash and HM Surf. To obtain the Luck Incense, head to the Ravaged Path and make use of Rock Smash to obliterate any boulders along the path.

You will encounter a water body that can be crossed using a surf. Cross the water body and continue following the path. Eventually, you will see the Luck incense, and you can pick it up.

The players’ money will be doubled by having either the Amulet Coin or Luck incense.

Method 2: Challenging Trainers to a Rematch

Pokémon Mansion
Pokémon Mansion

When players are equipped with the Amulet Coin or the Luck Incense, they can head to Route 212 next to the Pokemon Mansion. The main goal is to challenge any NPCs lurking. Their trainer classes entail the socialite, gentleman, and lady. Each of these trainers will reward players with a substantial sum of money when they are defeated.

Moreover, the money won will be doubled when players are equipped with the Amulet Coin or Luck Incense.

One of the tricks of ending the battles quickly is to come along with a high-level Pokemon to sweep through their team. The Elite Four are another group of trainers who dish out large sums of money.

Method 3: Heading Into the Grand Underground and Digging

Grand Underground
Grand Underground

The Grand Underground is one of the places where players can obtain money by digging its walls. The place contains many dig spots marked by yellow dots on the map. The player must walk to the correct spot where the dots are located, and a digging mini-game will start. Players are given limited moves with their tools to locate hidden items in the walls.

When players remove an item from the wall, they can use it at the end of the mini-game.

The walls of the Grand Underground contain precious items such as a star piece which can be sold for 4000 Pokedollars in any Poke Mart.

It’s also important to note that, while you’re at the Poke Mart or Pokemon Center, a little-known fact is that you’re able to trade with your friends; click here to learn more.

Method 4: Capturing Meowth

Capture Meowth
Capture Meowth

To capture Meowth, players have to have the National Dex. It is unlocked by seeing all Pokemon in Sinnoh and talking to Professor Rowan in Sandgem Town.

Afterward, you can go ahead and find Meowth in the Trophy Garden, who works as one of the daily Pokemon. Then you talk to Mr. Backlot in the Pokemon Mansion. If Meowth is around, he will mention having seen several Meowth in the Trophy Garden.

The best strategy is to save the game before conversing with Mr. Backlot. If the Pokemon is not Meowth, you can restart the game and speak to Mt Backlot again.


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