How to Get More Manpower in Hearts of Iron (HOI4)

Hearts of Iron (HOI4) is a strategy game that requires players to manage their country’s manpower effectively.

In this Hearts of Iron 4 Guide, we’ll discuss five different ways to increase your manpower in the game, ensuring that you have a strong and capable army to rely on.

Here are the best five ways to increase manpower:

Use Your Focus Tree

Default Focus Tree
Default Focus Tree

In HOI4, you can access your focus tree to boost your manpower by selecting the political effort option. For minor countries like the Philippines or Siam, this option allows you to choose Collectivist Ethos and become either fascist or communist.

Although communism mostly provides an increase in political power, militarism can significantly boost your manpower.

Request Forces from Your Puppet

Puppet Garrison Support
Puppet Garrison Support

Once you have a puppet, like as Japan, you can request forces from them to supplement your manpower. By clicking on your puppet and requesting forces, you can receive additional manpower, though this is usually used for garrison forces in occupied lands.

This method is particularly helpful when you need extra troops to maintain control over a region.

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Increase War Support through Propaganda


Another way to get more manpower is by going to war and using war propaganda. If you have war support, you can initiate war propaganda against the enemy country to increase your war support even further. As your war support grows, so does your manpower. It’s essential to maintain your war support to ensure your manpower remains strong.

Change Your Ideology

All Adults Serve
All Adults Serve

Changing your ideology can also lead to an increase in manpower. For example, if you change your ideology to fascism, you can use political power to switch to extensive conscription or service by requirement. This change will increase your recruitable population, leading to a growth in manpower.

Be sure to have at least 70% war support to access these options.

Choose the Right Political Advisor

Political Advisor
Political Advisor

Lastly, you can select a political advisor in your government to help increase your manpower. Look for the Prince of Terror, as this advisor can boost your non-core manpower and reduce damage to garrisons. This method ensures that you have the necessary manpower to defend your nation and maintain control over occupied territories.

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In conclusion, there are several ways to increase your manpower in Hearts of Iron (HOI4), from using your focus tree to selecting the right political advisor.

By following these steps, you’ll be better equipped to build a strong and capable army to ensure victory on the battlefield. Don’t forget to subscribe, leave a like, and stay tuned for more tips and tricks on Hearts of Iron (HOI4).


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