Hearts of Iron 4: Poland Strategy (How to Survive)

Playing as Poland in Hearts of Iron 4 can be a challenging yet rewarding experience.

This guide will provide you with the best strategies to help you survive and thrive as Poland in HOI4.


Puppet Strategy and Border Control

One option is to become a puppet of the Nazis or the Communists. Creating puppet states such as Belarus and Lithuania can provide a strategic advantage, as the Soviets will not attack these smaller states.

This allows you to concentrate on defending a smaller, narrower corridor with mountains in the south, making it easier to defend with fewer units.

Choosing a King and Expanding Your Territory

Political Parties
Political Parties

There are several king options, with one being the fascist Casa King. By choosing him, you can annex Czechoslovakia and then conquer Hungary, Yugoslavia, and Romania. Puppeting these countries ensures that neither the Germans, Italians, nor Russians can attack from these areas.

This strategy also allows you to gain access to valuable resources such as fuel from Romania and recruit units from Yugoslavia.

Utilizing the Focus Tree and Political Power

HOI4 Poland Focus Tree
HOI4 Poland Focus Tree

The focus tree is crucial for Poland, and it’s important to choose the right options. First, go for the Political Power option, which allows you to get dancing and open your economy.

With the political power, recruit the political advisor that gives you a +15 political power, followed by the Minister of The Army, and finally, the minister of the air. These three main characters will provide you with political power, production, and air protection.

Air Defense and Building Radars

Air Map Mode
Air Map Mode

Air defense is essential for Poland, so start by building three factories for fighters and focusing on intercept missions. Building radars is crucial for interdiction, so ensure that you build as many as you can to improve detection rates and gain an advantage against enemy fighters.

Exploring Different King Options

There are four kings and one hidden queen to choose from, each providing different benefits. Some of these options include inheriting Lithuania, annexing Czechoslovakia, or gaining control over Romania.

Each choice offers various strategic advantages, such as extending borders, gaining access to valuable resources, or providing an easier defense against the Soviets. Consider your playstyle and goals when selecting a king.

Fighting the Germans or Soviets

Poland Offensive Line
Poland Offensive Line

Remember to build radars, focus on air defense, and choose the right king for your strategy. If going on the defensive, ensure that you free up territories like Belarus and Ukraine to create a more manageable border.

Avoid attacking with infantry and instead use a mix of horses and armor for greater effectiveness in forests. Lastly, utilize division templates that include armor-piercing capabilities, as the Germans often use tanks.

Poland in HOI4 offers a unique and challenging experience, with the player facing pressure from both the Germans and the Soviets. By following this guide, you will be well-equipped to survive and succeed as Poland. Good luck and have fun!


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