How to Get Credits FAST in Phantom Forces

Are you looking to earn a ton of credits in Phantom Forces and buy the best guns?

In this Roblox tutorial, we’ll discuss the most effective methods to help you achieve that goal. Follow these strategies, and you’ll be swimming in credits in no time!

Play the Game and Rank Up

The simplest method to earn credits is to play the game and rank up. The higher your rank, the more credits you’ll earn with each rank up. Focus on leveling up quickly by using different guns, unlocking new attachments, and watching guides for optimal ranking strategies.

Case Unboxing

Case Unboxing
Case Unboxing

Case unboxing can be a high-risk, high-reward strategy. While you can make a significant profit, you might also lose a lot of credits. To maximize your chances, purchase Starter One cases, as they have a higher chance of containing valuable customizable skins. Be cautious, as this method relies heavily on RNG.

Passively Collect Cases and Keys

A more passive approach to collecting cases and keys is to log in daily and play well. By logging in every day, you’ll receive one case or one key as a reward. Additionally, you can earn a case or key by winning games. Focus on playing objective-based game modes to increase your chances of winning and earning more cases and keys.

Winning Game Modes and Ranking Up Faster

:Phantom Forces Game Mode
:Phantom Forces Game Mode

To win games and rank up faster, focus on mastering different game modes and their strategies. Here are some tips for popular game modes in Phantom Forces:

  • Flare Domination: Move quickly between points and use grenades to secure your position.
  • King of the Hill: Stay near the hill, play retakes, and balance playing for kills and objectives.
  • Capture the Flag: Be aggressive and support teammates who have the flag.
  • Hardpoint: Camp with friends on the objective and defend it together.
  • Kill Confirmed: Play in close-quarters combat and secure tags quickly.
  • Tag Run: Keep an eye on the leaderboard for players with high kill streaks and target them.

Improve Your Movement and Gameplay

To win more games and earn more credits, work on improving your movement and gameplay. Watch guides on movement techniques, such as M-sliding and Zynga-sliding, to increase your speed and mobility. Additionally, play with your team, support them, and learn to balance objective play with kill-focused play.

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By following these methods and tips, you’ll be able to earn credits fast in Phantom Forces and purchase the best guns in the game. Remember to play consistently, focus on improving your skills, and take advantage of the strategies outlined in this article. Good luck, and happy gaming!


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