Fastest Way to Level Engineering New World

This page contains information on the fastest way to level engineering New World.

New World is one of the new best PC massively multiplayer online games created by Amazon Games and was released to the public in 2021.

The game entails players grouping into five members and join of the three factions present. The factions are Marauders, Covenant, or Syndicate. After joining the factions, they can now go ahead and gather raw materials such as wood and stones from resource spots.

With these resources, players will be able to craft various items, gain control over some settlements, go for quests across the maps, and fight monsters or other players.


Increasing Engineering Level 0 to 100

Engineering is one of the most complex skills to level up in the game. However, plenty of trading skills can make you level up in the game. Still, engineering is among the most vital ones because, once mastered, it enables players to craft tools and weapons such as arrows.

Players can begin crafting furniture to decorate their houses when they enter the housing system. Moreover, players are still able to make repair kits that are used for maintaining the durability of their gear.

Making Cartridges and Arrows

Iron Cartridges
Iron Cartridges

One of the most effective ways of leveling up engineering is crafting as many iron cartridges and arrows as possible. In order to do this, players will need iron ore, charcoal, saltpeter, wood for timber, and a bunch of feathers for making arrows. Additionally, using this method will also make you level up your Mining skills alongside engineering.

Therefore, players need to locate a spot with iron veins to mine them easily. The best spot to mine is Monarch’s Bluff. The neighboring cliffs outside the settlements also have plenty of iron veins and saltpeter mines.

Workshop Crafting Station
Workshop Crafting Station

After obtaining the iron, head back to the settlements and smelt the ore to obtain iron ingots. Go to the workshop crafting station in order to craft cartridges and arrows. Feathers are simple to acquire since they are gotten from turkeys which are present everywhere in the game. Therefore, players can kill the turkeys and skin them to obtain feathers.

Afterward, you can chop the wood and make it into the timber so that you can be able to craft the iron arrows.

Despite this process taking a long time, it will be able to make you get to level 50 engineering.

Level 50 to 100

Level 50 to 100
Level 50 to 100

When you level up to level 50, you will also need to continue to level 100. To reach this level, you will need to have at least 168,000 XP points.

The item players need to craft to enable them to reach level 100 is the Lacquered Wood Bow. This level needs you to craft fewer bows but requires a lot of timber. Each wood bow gives your character 810 XP points. Therefore players will need to craft 192 bows in order to obtain 168,000 XP points that will enable them to reach level 100.

For you to craft the 192 bows, you will have to pay a total of 155 gold coins. Moreover, players will also need to craft 1618 gun powders to reach level 100. This equated to paying about 80 gold coins.

Materials Needed to Make Lacquered Wood Bow

Lacquered Wood Bow
Lacquered Wood Bow

One of the primary materials is tier 3 timber, which is the hardest thing to obtain because you will be required to have 2500 lumbers. You need timber, aged wood, and coarse sandpaper to craft lumber.

Another material needed is leather. This is an accessible item to obtain since it is a cheap commodity. The third item is cloth, which can be either linen or sateen cloth. However, linen is the cheapest option, so players should choose that.

Materials Needed to Make Gun Powder

New World: Craft Gunpowder
New World: Craft Gunpowder

One of the main materials is charcoal. The finest wood that can be used to smelt charcoal is green wood, which is readily available in the game. The next material is flint and salpter.

After you have gathered all the requirements for the lacquered bow and gunpowder, head to the workshop and obtain the XP points needed after crafting.

Level 100 to 150

The more you level up engineering, the more challenging it becomes to advance to the next levels.

If players need to get to level 150, they need to have about one million XP points. In this level, there are two items players must craft to level up to 150.

The first item is the Wyrdwood Spear, followed by the Wyrdwood Fishing Pole. Both items are similar except for the spear, which requires extra metal.

Players must craft 344 fishing poles because each one gives characters 3192 XP points. Therefore, players will depart with 632 gold coins.

The second option is the spear, which is a popular item among players who want to reach level 150. Players need to craft 344 spears, and each one gives players 3192 XP. The amount of gold coins paid is similar to the fishing pole gold coins.

Wyrdwood Fishing Pole Materials

Wyrdwood Fishing Pole
Wyrdwood Fishing Pole

For players to make fishing poles, they need tier 4 timber obtained from lumber, sandpaper, and wyrdwood.

The next item is leather, which is one of the cheapest materials to obtain.

The last item required is cloth, and linen is the best option.

Wyrdwood Spear Materials

The first item needed is tier 4 timber, followed by metals, and lastly, leather.

Level 150 to 200

This is the final level of leveling up in engineering. This stage requires players to obtain a whooping 5 million XP points.

To reach level 200, players will have to craft two items, namely the fishing pole, and spear, similar to level 150. However, this level differs from the previous one because your character will be crafting Ironwood Spear and Ironwood Fishing Pole.

The fishing pole gives players 10,080 XP points; therefore, players need to craft 557 fishing poles. The tax paid for the items amounts to 2500 gold coins.

For the spear, each one gives players 10,080 points. Hence, players must craft 557 spears, and the tax paid is similar to the fishing poles.

Ironwood Spear Materials

Ironwood Spear
Ironwood Spear

The first item needed is tier 5 timber. It is one of the most complex materials to gather in the game. It can be obtained from ironwood planks.

The next material is metals, whereby iron ingot is the best choice and is crafted from iron ores.

The third material is leather; the best option is coarse leather because it is readily available.

Ironwood Fishing Pole Materials

The materials required to make fishing poles are similar to the spears, except in this one, there is no need for players to obtain metals.


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