Dark Souls 3: Best Pure Dexterity Builds (80 DEX) | Weapons

This article will delve into a pure dexterity build in Dark Souls 3, which is a DS3 class that focuses on maximizing the damage output from dexterity weapons.

Dark Souls 3: Dex Build Stats

Dark Souls 3 Dex Build Stats
Dark Souls 3 Dex Build Stats

This build showcases an 80 dexterity stat, which significantly boosts damage for many weapons. It also has a 16 strength stat to wield the Lothric Greatsword two-handed. The allocation of other points, such as health and stamina, is left to personal preference.

Dark Souls 3: Best Dex Weapons

The build begins with the Sharp Astora Greatsword, which boasts an impressive 630 AR with 80 dexterity. There are several other dexterity weapons showcased in this build, each of which will be tested in two battles to evaluate their performance. The rings worn in this build include Ring of Favor +3, Havel’s Ring (for low vitality), Prisoner’s Chain, and Life Ring. The armor selection is primarily based on personal fashion preferences, rather than absorption.

Some of the weapons tested in this build include:

  1. Sharp Astora Greatsword
  2. Sharp Carthus Greatsword
  3. Sharp Corvian Scythe
  4. Drang Twinspears
  5. Washing Pole
  6. Pontiff Knight Curved Sword
  7. Sharp Estoc
  8. Lothric Knight Greatsword

Each weapon is evaluated in two battles, showcasing their strengths and weaknesses in combat. The Sharp Astora Greatsword, for example, has a strong roll catch on ultra-users and can deal significant damage when buffed with Human Pine Resin. The Sharp Carthus Greatsword, on the other hand, has a true combo if the player can connect with a light attack in the right position, followed by a weapon art attack.

The Sharp Corvian Scythe
The Sharp Corvian Scythe

The Sharp Corvian Scythe has a quick attack speed and impressive range, making it ideal for roll-catching opponents. Drang Twinspears offer excellent range and a fast rolling attack, while the Washing Pole has a unique “wave of the weave” move. The Pontiff Knight Curved Sword is a favorite among tryhards, boasting a versatile moveset and rapid attacks.

Sharp Estoc
Sharp Estoc

The Sharp Estoc is an excellent weapon for poking and roll-catching, and the Lothric Knight Greatsword can deal massive damage when buffed with Lightning Resin. Each weapon brings its unique playstyle and advantages to the table, making this pure dexterity build highly versatile and adaptable to different combat situations.

Dark Souls 3: Best Dex Build For PvE

PvE Invasion
PvE Invasion

This pure dexterity build is ideal for invasions and fighting off invaders, as it doesn’t rely on constant buffing. While a dexterity-faith build may be more potent in an arena setting, this build is designed to handle various situations with ease. With an 80 dexterity stat, players can maximize their damage output with a wide array of weapons, making this build a powerful and versatile choice for any player looking to dominate in Dark Souls 3.


In conclusion, this pure dexterity build in Dark Souls 3 offers an impressive array of weapons, each with unique strengths and weaknesses. By focusing on maximizing damage output with an 80 dexterity stat, players can create a highly adaptable and powerful build suitable for various combat situations. Whether you’re invading or fighting off invaders, this build is designed to excel in any scenario, making it an excellent choice for players looking to dominate in Dark Souls 3.


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