How to Recruit Clans (Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord)

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is a medieval action RPG strategy game in which the player creates and leads their kingdom.

In the game, the player needs to recruit other lords and clans to their kingdom. The game is challenging when it comes to building a kingdom alone, but with other clans’ help, it’s easier to conquer the whole of Calradia.

Therefore, in this YourGlobalGamer guide, we will discuss how to recruit lords and clans to your kingdom.



The first and foremost step in recruiting other lords and clans is having a good relationship with them. If a player does not have a good relationship with the lord or clan they want to recruit, it is impossible to get them to join.

The player needs to do some tasks and missions for the lords to boost the relationship. Releasing the lords after winning the battle, bartering with them, and siding with them in policy agreements are some of the ways to increase positive relations.

Policy Agreements

Even if the player is not a part of a kingdom, joining a kingdom as a mercenary or a vassal is also an opportunity to improve relations with different lords and clans. The player can agree to different policies and even acquire different castles.

All the positive actions done by the player since the start of the game count towards what clans will want to join the player’s kingdom.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Four Golden Circles

Once a positive relationship with the clan is established, finding the head of that clan is the next step. After that, the player needs to fill the four golden circles.

If the player scores four points, the lords will be willing to join the player’s kingdom. A critical success in this case is two points, while a success is one point.

If the player fails, they will not get a point or two, and if they critically fail, there is no going back.

Dinars and Items

After filling the four golden circles, the player needs to give Dinars and items to the value that satisfies the lords. If the player meets them outside a castle, they can use their goods as well.

The good news is that the game has an auto-offer feature, which allows the player to get the lords for the lowest possible price. After giving Dinars and items, the lords will join the player’s kingdom.

Recruitment Factors

Just because the player has a positive relationship with a clan and enough money to recruit them does not mean they can always recruit the lords they want. The lords’ relationship with their liege, the king, or queen of their nation, is the one factor the player cannot control.

Targeting smaller and weaker kingdoms than the player’s own kingdom is a great place to start recruiting lords.

High Charm


Having a high charm is also a factor that can help in recruiting other lords. The charm skill is easy to overlook, but it makes the player more persuasive, which increases the chance of recruiting other lords to their kingdom.

The meaningful favor perk can also give a 10% better chance for double persuasion success. The having going perk in athletics can slightly increase the player’s persuasion chance.


The player can now hire mercenaries as well. Seeking out minor factions and recruiting them to the player’s kingdom can be really nice to have extra armies running around under the player’s name, even if they are just mercenaries. The player needs to track down the leader of the clan and offer them a mercenary contract.

Companions as Lords

Companions as Lords
Companions as Lords

If the player has made some wrong decisions and has more enemies than friends, they can recruit their companions as lords. It costs 500 influence, and they need to have enough money to give them. This quick way to cheese an extra lord and clan for the player’s kingdom also frees

Recruiting lords and clans is an essential aspect of Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. Having a larger army is critical to your success as a king or queen. While it can be a challenging task to get lords and clans to join your kingdom, it’s not impossible.


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