How to Get Amenities | Civilization 6 Guide

Amenities play a crucial role in the growth of your cities and empire in Civilization 6. They represent the contentment of a city, replacing the happiness mechanic from previous games.

In this YourGlobalGamer guide, we will discuss the importance of amenities, how they work, and ways to obtain them to ensure the success of your empire.

How Amenities Work | How to Improve Amenities | Managing Low Amenities

How Amenities Work

Amenities are determined on a per city basis. Each city requires a certain number of amenities to maintain contentment. The number of amenities required depends on the population of a city, with the general formula being the population divided by two.

City Amenities
City Amenities

If a city has the exact number of amenities required, it will be content, and there will be no bonuses or penalties. However, if the number of amenities falls short, the city will suffer penalties. Some of these penalties include:

  • Displeased: -15% Citizen Growth and -10% Non-food Yields
  • Unhappy: -30% Citizen Growth and -15% Non-food Yields
  • Unrest: -60% Citizen Growth and -20% Non-food Yields
  • Revolt: All non-food yields decrease by 60%, and rebels may spawn to overthrow the city

On the other hand, if a city has extra amenities, it will receive bonuses. For example, if a city has three or four additional amenities, it will receive a +10% bonus to all yields.

How to Improve Amenities

There are several ways to obtain amenities in Civilization 6:

  1. Luxury Resources: Found on the map, luxury resources typically provide four amenities, which are distributed among your four closest cities. Multiple copies of the same luxury resource don’t provide additional amenities, so it’s best to trade them away.
  2. Entertainment District: This district is essential for generating amenities. Place it strategically to benefit as many cities as possible within six tiles. Advanced buildings in the entertainment district can provide amenities to all city centers within six tiles.
  3. Wonders: Some wonders, such as Alhambra and Colosseum, provide amenities to cities within a certain range. These can be a great way to boost happiness across your empire.
  4. Civics: Certain civics in the Civics Tree provide amenities, such as New Deal, which grants +2 amenities and +4 housing for cities with at least three specialty districts.
  5. National Parks: These late-game improvements provide happiness and can be built with naturalists.
  6. Unique Tile Improvements and Leader Abilities: Some civilizations have unique improvements or leader abilities that grant amenities.

Managing Low Amenities

Low amenities can lead to significant problems, such as revolts, spawning barbarians, or cities changing hands. Prolonged wars can cause war weariness, while bankruptcy can also lead to discontent among your citizens. Always monitor your amenities and strive to keep them at optimal levels to ensure the success of your empire.

In conclusion, amenities are crucial to the growth and success of your cities in Civilization 6. Ensure you connect luxury resources, build entertainment districts strategically, and leverage wonders and civics to maintain high amenities and keep your population content and thriving.


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