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If you’re a World of Warcraft player who’s been struggling with unlocking hidden artifact appearances, you’re not alone. Luckily, there are macros available to help track your progress.

In this article, we’ll explore the macros that can help you keep tabs on your honorable kills, dungeons completed, and world quests completed.

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Check Hidden Artifact Progress Macros

To begin tracking your progress, you’ll need to use a macro; you can find the macro here:

Track World Quests and Honourable Kills:

/run local _,_,_,a, b = GetAchievementCriteriaInfo(11152,1) local _,_,_,c, d = GetAchievementCriteriaInfo(11153,1) local _,_,_,e, f = GetAchievementCriteriaInfo(11154,1) print("Dungeons: "..a.."/"..b) print("WQs: "..c.."/"..d) print("Kills: "..e.."/"..f)

Track Dungeons:

/run local a=0; local i=0; for i=1,11 do local _,_,_,x,b = GetAchievementCriteriaInfo(11152,i); a=a+x; i=i+1; if i==12 then print("Dungeons: "..a.."/"..b) end endShow less

…this macro will display your progress in your chat box. For example, it will show your world quests completed out of 200, and your honorable kills out of 1000.

Checking Dungeon Completion

The first macro provided won’t track your dungeon completions accurately. However, there’s another macro in the same forum thread that will track the number of dungeons you’ve completed.

It’s essential to have an accurate count to unlock your hidden artifact appearances. This macro will track the number of dungeons you’ve completed accurately.

How to Use the Macro

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To use the macro, complete any heroic, normal, or mythic dungeon. You can do this even if you’ve already completed it that week, and you’ll get a tick towards your 100 progress.

The macro will display the number of dungeons completed, and you can check it against your own record to ensure accuracy.

Transmogrifying Your Appearance

You can use any appearance that you have in your appearance collection to transmogrify your hidden artifact appearance. However, it’s essential to ensure that you have the hidden artifact appearance selected in your Soul Forge or the equivalent.

You can transmogrify the appearance, even if you don’t like the look of it, and still receive progress towards unlocking the hidden artifact appearance.

Unlocking Hidden Artifact Appearances

It doesn’t matter if you complete your 200 world quests on a different spec than the one you want the hidden artifact appearance for. For example, if you complete 200 world quests as blood, it will unlock the hidden artifact appearance for every spec, including unholy and frost.


By using these macros, you can track your progress accurately and unlock hidden artifact appearances more efficiently.


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